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  • Sunday 20th, March

    17:00-19:00 Registration

    XPrize Plenary Lecture I:

    Sensing in the Marine Environment - Past, Present and New Challenges.

    Michael Kühl

    20:00-20:20 Xprize Presentation
    20:20-22:00 Welcome Reception sponsored by
  • Monday 21st, March

    08:00-09:00 Registration
    09:00-09:30 Opening


    Plenary II:

    Corona Phase Molecular Recognition (CoPhMoRe) to Enable New Nanosensor Interfaces

    Michael S. Strano

    10:30-11:00  Coffee Break

    Sessions sponsored by:

     Room 1Room 2
      Receptors and Reporters Label Free Sensing

    Invited Talk 1:

    Upconverting nanoparticles provides means for deep-tissue optical imaging and photoactivation

    Stefan Andersson-Engels

    Invited Talk 2:

    Label free biosensors based on porous silicon

    Nico Voelcker


    Sensor surfaces for direct visualization of high-affinity peptide-receptor interactions in living

    Thomas Haselgrübler

    Challenging Functionalization of Ultra-low Fouling Dual-Functional Co-polymer Surfaces for Biosensing in Undiluted Media

    Hana Vaisocherová-Lísalová


    Pyrophosphate Detection in Water by a Terpyridine-Zn2+ Complex

    Leticia Arnedo-Sánchez

    Miniature Fabry-Perot interferometers created at the tip of optical fibers as platforms for chemical and biochemical sensing

    Denis Donlagic


    A Rechargeable Optical Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor - Enabling H2O2 Profiling and Quantitative Biomedical Analysis

    Klaus Koren

    Arrays of resonant nano-pillars for refractive index sensing and label free biosensing

    Rafael Casquel


    Intracellular Detection of Nitric Oxide using a Fluorescent Nanobiosensor

    Marín María Jose

    Development of Functionalized Materials for Holographic Sensor Applications

    Monika Zawadzka

    12:50-14:15 Lunch Break

    Plenary III:

    Seriously Sensored!

    Deirdre R. Meldrum

     Room 1Room 2
      Integrated Devices & Instrumentation Materials

    Invited Talk 3:

    From ‘Devices' to 'Self-Aware, Bioinspired MicroSystems' - What does the future hold for Optical Sensing?

    Dermot Diamond

    Invited Talk 4:

    Tailored Synthesis of Nanocrystals for Biological and Medical Imaging and Sensing

    Horst Weller

    15:45-16:15 Coffee Break sponsored by 

    Novel photonic crystal coupler + splitter for integrated optical sensing platformovel

    Jingxing Shi

    From light-emitting swimmers to 3D electrogenerated chemiluminescence

    Neso Sojic


    Development of a high performance miniaturized photoacoustic gas sensor

    Jean-Guillaume Coutard

    Tunable copolymer nanoparticles for imaging of O2 across three dimensions in tissue and cell models

    Ruslan Dmitriev


    An Optical Biosensor with Internal Referencing for Measuring Serum Ferritin

    Ruchi Gupta

    Controlled injection of molecules into living cells by plasmonic nanotubes

    Francesco De Angelis


    Multi-domain, electro-photonic biosensors

    José Juan Colás

    Nanoparticle-based Biocomputing for Biosensing

    Petr Nikitin


    Novel Handheld Optode for Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy

    Martin Maiwald

    Endogenous Fluorescence & FRET Lifetime Imaging with a Frequency-Domain FLIM camera system

    Gerhard Holst


    Poster Session 


    Technical Exhibtion

     18:30-19:30 Poster Talk



  • Tuesday 22nd, March


    Plenary IV:

    AIEgen-Based Optical Chemosensing and Biosensing Systems

    Ben Zhong Tang

     Room 1Room 2
      Lab on a Chip Label Free Sensing - Plasmonics

    Invited Talk 5:

    Lab­ on­ Chip technology for the analysis of cells and vesicles

    Petra S. Dittrich

    Invited Talk 6:

    Nanoplasmonic sensors: Utilizing nanoscale geometry

    Andreas B. Dahlin

    10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

    Shaped Paper Pumps for Microfluidic Devices

    Frances Ligler

    Single Nanoparticle Plasmonic Gas Sensing

    Christoph Langhammer


    SERS microfluidic paper-based analytical devices

    Axel Bolz

    Plasmonically amplified fluorescence bioassays

    Jakub Dostalek


    TIRF - based optical biochip for POCT diagnostics

    Chiara Berrettoni

    Detection, quantification and identification of engineered nanoparticles using SPR-imaging

    Vladimir Mirsky


    Oxygen-sensor-enhanced microfluidic devices: flexible tools for organ-on-a-chip applications

    Birgit Ungerböck

    Biomarkers sensing with Near-Infrared Plasmonic Optical Fiber Grating Sensor

    Clotilde Ribaut


    Miniaturized analytical platforms with integrated fluorescent pH micro- and nanosensors

    Stefan Nagl

    Self-referencing, Controlled Penetration Depth, Enhanced Figure of Merit and Compact Designs of Evanescent Wave Biosensors

    Ibrahim Abdulhalim

    12:40-14:15 Lunch Break                Permanent Steering Committee Session


    Organic electronics and organic printed electronics: Can these play a role for future sensor technologies?

    Valerio Beni

     Room 1Room 2
      Medical Applications Integrated Devices and Fabrication

    Invited Talk 7:

    Phosphorescence Lifetime Microscopy of Oxygen

    Sergei Vinogradov

    Invited Talk 8:

    Printed (Microfluidic) Paper-Based Analytical Devices with Colorimetric Signal Detection

    Daniel Citterio

    15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

    Development of an immunosensor for the detection of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in ascitic fluid by bimodal waveguide interferometry

    Jesús M Maldonado

    Roll-to-Roll pilot line for large-scale manufacturing of microfluidic structures for optical biosensing

    Stefan Köstler


    Phosphorescence-based Continuous Single-Port Glucose Sensing onto a Commercial Insulin Infusion Set in Subcutaneous Tissue

    Markus Rumpler

    Multi-parametric point of care device with a Smart fluorescence optical reader

    Winzer A


    Therapeutic drug monitoring with nanobiosensors

    Masson Jean-Francois

    Nanomechanical polymer structures for vibrational sensing of chemical reactions and molecular scale reorganizations

    Robert Cohn


    A point-of-care integrated photonic biosensor

    Daan Martens

    A Multiplexed micro-mechanical biosensor

    Martina Tardivo


    Poster Session


    Technial Exibition

    17:15 - 17:45

    Elsevier Author Workshop

    Richard Newell

    European Sensor System Cluster - ESSC

    A European network for promoting sensor technology

    Dermot Diamond and Torsten Mayr

    19:30-22:00  Conference dinner supported by 


  • Wednesday 23nd, March


    Plenary V:

    Nanoplasmonic Sensing of Bacterial Growth

    Luis M. Liz-Marzán

     Room 1Room 2
      Applications Materials

    Invited Talk 9:

    Development of optical sensor technology for environmental applications of nutrients, bacteria and algal toxins.

    Fiona Regan

    Invited Talk 10:

    Molecularly imprinted polymer nanogels and nanocomposites as antibody mimics for optical sensing and bioimaging

    Karsten Haupt

    10:30-11:00 Coffee break

    Label-free optical detection of antibiotics for in-line process analysis

    Patricia Weber

    Photon upconverting nanophosphors for ultrasensitive detection of cardiac troponin I

    Tero Soukka


    Oxygen imaging within a barrel oak stave. Revealing the key factor in the evolution of oxygen diffusivity in oak wood

    Jesus A. Baro

    Efficient Upconversion Luminescent Resonance Energy Transfer for Sensing Applications

    Verena Muhr


    A fiber-optic acetone bio-sniffer (biochemical gas sensor) with NADH fluorometric device

    Kohji Mitsubayashi

    Potassium Ion - Selective Fluorescent and pH Independent Nanosensors Based on Functionalized Polyether Macrocycles

    Zdenka Jarolimova


    Fast & label-free determinations of harmful substances along the entire food chain: The FOODSNIFFER approach

    Ioannis Raptis

    Ultra-small optical sensing elements for integration into microdevices

    Guido Ielasi


    Application of novel optical sensors for in situ quantification of ultra-low oxygen concentrations in aquatic environments

    Larsen Morten

    Soft colloidal probes as a biomimetic tool to quantify protein adsorption and cell-matrix interaction

    Tilo Pompe

    13:00-13:15 Poster Award sponserd by
    13:15-13:45 Closing Ceremony


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