About Graz

The Clock Tower, landmark of Graz

Graz is Austria´s second largest city and it is situated about 200 km south-west of Vienna. Graz is the capital of Styria and has more than 290 000 inhabitants. People from 150 different countries live here. Being an important centre of economy in the south-east of the European Union, Graz is very well connected to the most important airport hubs in Europe. The city of Graz has been listed by the UNESCO world heritage centre due to its characteristic architecture, exhibiting a harmonic blend of the styles from the middle ages until the 18th century and influenced from the many neighbouring regions of central and mediterranean Europe. The city is compact and most important sights are within walking distance from the main square “Hauptplatz”.

Graz "Hauptplatz", main square of Graz

The "Mausoleum" and the "Landhaushof" well

The "Landhaushof"

The landmark of Graz is the clock tower “Uhrturm” situated at “Schlossberg”, a hill topped by a castle in the heart of the city centre. On top of the "Schlossberg" you can enjoy views of the city from one of the nice restaurants and feel the mediterranean flair.

The picturesque roofscape of the old-town

Traditional restaurant/café/bar at the "Schlossberg"

In 2003, Graz was appointed cultural capital of 2003. At this time architectonic monuments were created, such as the Acconci Mur Island or the Kunsthaus Graz, known as the “Friendly Alien” designed by the two London architects Peter Cook and Coulin Fournier. In 2011, Graz has become UNESCO City of Design which reflects the attitude and expression of an urban culture, valuing conscious design of the city environment.

 “Kunsthaus”, the "Friendly Alien"

The Island on the Mur

Graz has a long tradition as a student city: More than 50 000 study at four universities and two universities of applied sciences. This is probably one of the reasons why Graz offers many possibilities to enjoy Austria's famous coffee culture. Appointed as the "City of Culinary Delights", you will also find a great variety of restaurants in Graz, and lovers of food should be spoilt for choice.

Life at the University of Graz campus 

Restaurant Aiola Upstairs

If you decide to prolong your stay in Graz you will have the choice of enjoying the city, stroll through the Easter handicraft markets and taste the typical sweet “Osterpinze” with ham and horseradish along with Styrian bean salad with our famous pumpkin seed oil. You could relax a day in one of the wonderful thermal spas in the east-Styrian spa region and discover the secrets of Styrian wine. You also have the chance to go skiing in the nearby mountains. The list of possible activities is long and Graz Tourismus could help you to organise your trip. We wish you a wonderful time in Graz!


Images courtesy of Graz Tourismus and the University of Graz.



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